Gift Wrapping + Paperie

Gift wrapping is like a fancy outfit for your present - it may not change what's inside, but it sure does make it look fabulous!

Bethany First, owner of Revere, is a lifelong Clevelander devoted to creating connection and relationships throughout the community. She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.

In her pursuit for creative freedom and growth, Bethany has explored a number of artistic avenues; from painting to photography, she most enjoys the craft of creative and intuitive implementation of detail in all that she does.
The reverence behind gift-giving, alongside the artisan vision to make a lasting impression, sparked excitement within Bethany. Thus, Revere was born! We can't wait to connect and help you achieve your creative visions.

Gift wrapping is not just a finishing touch, it's the grand finale that transforms an ordinary gift into a spectacular show of thoughtfulness and appreciation.